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Pride Center

Transitioning from high school to college can be challenging for students, but for LGBTQIA+ students, it can be particularly difficult. According to the Williams Institute 2022 Report, nearly one-third of LGBTQ people (32.6%) experienced bullying, harassment, or assault at college, compared to 18.9% of non-LGBTQ people. The Pride Center at CSUN offers a variety of programming and educational outreach to improve the campus climate and advocate for the safety and respect of LGBTQIA+ individuals. Moreover, the center provides a welcoming and inclusive on-campus space where students can find community, get resources and receive support.

In 2022, the Pride Center celebrated 10 years of providing support to LGBTQIA+ students, faculty and staff at CSUN. The Pride Center offers sexual health, mental health and wellness resources, and works collaboratively with on-campus departments and organizations to promote diversity and visibility of intersectionality within the university’s LGBTQIA+ community.

Private funding for the Pride Center expands programming and allows the center to secure well-known speakers and artists. It funds students to attend LGBTQIA+ conferences and Queer Leadership Camp, a bi-annual community building event for LGBTQIA+ leaders on campus. Your gift also supports scholarships for LGBTQIA+ students who experience financial hardships.

College should be a place where students feel safe, supported and respected. Strengthen the CSUN community with a gift to the Pride Center that tells students, you deserve a safe place to “Be You.”

LGBTQIA Student Emergency Fund

The LGBTQIA+ Emergency Fund helps LGBTQIA+ students in crisis and provides assistance for basic needs such as living expenses, healthcare costs, food, and transportation. The emergency fund provides financial assistance for fees associated with name and/or gender marker changes to assist transgender students in acquiring legal documents that reflect their identity. 

In addition to navigating discrimination and harassment, many LGBTQIA+ students struggle financially. According to the Williams Institute 2019 report, 22% of LGBT people in the United States live in poverty compared to 16% of cisgender straight individuals.

Through a generous donation, LGBTQIA+ students can receive emergency funds to help them continue their academic journeys. 

Click the "Donate" button above to give to one of these funds in support of the Pride Center and CSUN's LGBTQIA student population. 

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