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Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM (ARCS)

Giving is less about donating to us and more about making a difference with us. Did you know that fewer than 35% of professionals working in top technology and engineering companies are minorities or women? ARCS needs YOU to help end inequity in the STEM workforce by supporting CSUN’s underrepresented and underserved students. ARCS (Autonomy Research Convergence Center for STEAHM) is a NASA-sponsored center that provides education and innovation across STEAHM (Science, Technology and engineering, Entrepreneurship and business, Arts, Humanities, and Mathematics) disciplines. Our students work with faculty and external partners to research wicked problems such as  

  • reducing environmental barriers for people with disabilities, 
  • improving worker safety and satisfaction at industrial and waste sites using AI,  
  • managing rovers and human-robot operations on Mars,  
  • developing anti-air collision systems, 
  • deploying spatialization tools that communicate disasters and risks to underserved populations,  
  • designing socio-technological solutions to manage diabetes, and 
  • recommending decisional practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion at top STEM and aerospace companies  

 Help make an individual difference. Every $9,000 you help ARCS raise can support one graduate student (or $7,300 for an undergraduate) to complete a 10-week internship at NASA/JPL.  

Help create community change. We invite you to dream big with us to fund the ARCS STEAHM Bubble, a 50,000+ square foot air-filled dome structure with Martian and Lunar Surfaces where NASA/JPL can test Mars rovers/helicopters and where industry partners, CSUN faculty and students, K-12 learners, and local community members can collaborate on use-inspired, high-impact projects that transform the world.  

Help transform the globe. Your gift champions our students to become highly-skilled candidates in a competitive workforce. It fortifies the ARCS center to become a global leader that develops and commercializes projects to reduce social inequity, promote environmental sustainability, and meaningfully impact the human-space and human-AI frontier.  

You’re not giving to us. You’re partnering with us to make a difference for individuals, our local community, and the world.  


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