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Tseng College offers innovative and advanced professional education programs designed to prepare midcareer adults and international students for meaningful roles in the emerging regional and global economies.

Many of Tseng College’s educational experiences are offered fully online, empowering students to advance their careers on their own schedules. Programs often bring together students from around the globe and are taught by the same faculty and practitioners as the university’s on-campus programs.

Moreover, Tseng College collaborates directly with CSUN faculty from various disciplines, as well as industry practitioners, to custom-design programs that address the ever-evolving challenges of contemporary organizations. In doing so, the college produces graduates ready to make an immediate impact in their field.

In addition to professional education, the Tseng College is a leading provider of English-language and college-preparation instruction for international students.

About Tseng College's Accelerated Nursing Program

In any hospital, the most crucial instrument is the human one. However, experienced nurses are in short supply and high demand. 

To bolster the workforce and nurture careers, Tseng College at CSUN offers an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. This second bachelor’s degree is designed for non-nurses and takes only fifteen months to complete. During that time, students learn everything they need for a successful career in nursing.

For many quality candidates, however, the program is financially out of reach. That’s why we need your support. Your gift helps replenish our nation’s hospitals with highly skilled nurses – and nowhere is that more critical than in Los Angeles.

U.S. hospital executives, in many recent surveys, cite a high demand for nurses with bachelor’s degrees. Your donation helps the university attract and retain high-performing students whose work directly impacts patients and families around the country. 

By donating to the Tseng College of Extended Learning Scholarship Fund, your donation will support student scholarships in programs like the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The transformative power of a scholarship, backed by your gift, is enormous. It will not only grow careers, it will save lives.

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