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Support the College of Science and Mathematics

CSUN’s College of Science and Mathematics prepares students for a life of discovery. Our students and faculty are at the forefront of a wide range of study areas that push the limits of human understanding and achievement. Our distinguished work in classrooms, laboratories and in the field enables students to make discoveries and expand what we know about our world and beyond. We provide a transformational education by focusing on three things: who we teach, how we teach them, and what they will go on to do. 

Who We Teach The 2,500 students in the College of Science and Mathematics reflect the rich diversity of the San Fernando Valley and beyond. Nearly two-thirds are first-generation college students, and more than half are from traditionally underserved communities. They are a testament to what is possible when opportunity meets talent and dedication.

How We Teach We prepare future leaders who can meet the challenges of a society that is increasingly reliant upon science, mathematics, and technology. While learning from world-class faculty, our students search for solutions to cancer, water scarcity, climate change, infectious disease, and many other of the world’s most pressing challenges. Our students receive one-of-a-kind research opportunities in state-of-the-art labs as well as in California’s unique habitats and around the world.

What They Go On To Do Our students will be the leaders who help shape the solutions to our increasingly complex challenges. Many will pursue doctoral programs, attend medical schools, dentistry and pharmacy programs, or advance directly into high-paying professions. Our graduates play critical roles in ensuring the region and the nation have a pool of talented scientists and mathematicians capable of advancing knowledge in service of the global good. 

Now, we ask you to support the education our students need to be a force for a better future.

With robust philanthropic support, the College of Science and Mathematics will make transformational investments in critical areas that serve to strengthen our commitment to students and, through them, our contribution to industry and our communities: 

1.  Catalyzing Learning with endowed support for student educational opportunities, including faculty mentorship and essential centers and programs that tackle the biggest challenges of our lifetimes. 

2. Creating Opportunity by supporting field courses in California and beyond.

3. Empowering Discovery through the purchase and maintenance of cutting-edge equipment.

4. Investing in Graduate Students by helping graduate students succeed through financial support for scholarships, teaching assistantships, stipends and fellowships.

The Pat Maloney ‘80 Challenge for the College of Science and Mathematics
Thank you to all who donated to this challenge! And thank you to CSUN alumna, Pat Maloney '80, for her support of the Wonderment Scholarship in Chemistry in Memory of Dr. Henry I. Abrash.
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