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Student Clubs and Greek Life

CSUN's student clubs and Greek life offer Matadors opportunities to deeply connect with the campus community, in turn helping them form meaningful relationships with other CSUN students, faculty, staff and alumni, and assisting their development of professional interests and skills. 

Communication Association: The Communication Association aims to build a community for Communication Studies students at CSUN. We hold weekly meetings based on professional development, academics, and social events. As the only club associated with the Communication Studies Department, we are a hub for students to support their success and involvement. We would greatly appreciate any funds to support our mission and expand our club.  

Parent Scholars United: Parent Scholars United is the first student-parent-led organization at CSUN that promotes community engagement and campus pride through inclusion, advocacy and equitable spaces. CSUN PSU creates a community to enhance the success of all CSUN student-parents through collaboration, cultivating awareness and advocacy. With funding, we can continue to provide student-parents with the support, resources and activities needed to successfully balance life as both a student and parent.

Sustainable Fashion Club: Our club helps students repair and maintain their clothes, while counteracting the negative effects the fashion industry has on the environment. Our goal is to create a campus thrift store that will help our university’s community. Not only will it help students economically, but it will also increase sustainability at CSUN and create an entrepreneurial space. Donations to our club will help us cover costs that will allow us to achieve our goals. 

Sociology Club: Our club strives to give students a space to learn about current issues that may affect them. We help communicate different resources and opportunities to students, and build a community to help grow our members' circles and networks among students and faculty. Donations to the Sociology Club will ensure that funding is available to expand club outreach and increase resources and engagement opportunities to members. 

Beta Alpha Psi: At CSUN Beta Alpha Psi, our mission is to recognize and reward excellence in Accounting, Finance, Business Analytics, and Digital Technology. We aim to provide a supportive community that empowers our members to achieve their goals and make a positive impact on the world. Donations to CSUN Beta Alpha Psi make a real impact on the next generation of accountants. Your gift will help us nurture their dreams and shape their success in the world of numbers.

National Society of Black Engineers: The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is an organization dedicated to fueling the dreams and passions of Black students who may have limited resources to succeed in the engineering field. Our mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. This is accomplished by forming partnerships and hosting informational sessions, and tours with companies. We also have two annual conventions that our members attend where they can receive internship, financial, academic, and even full-time employment offers from hundreds of companies. Donations to NSBE allow us to widen our reach to more Black engineers on campus.

Women in Science: Our club exists to help CSUN students as they face challenges in their academic and career development. Our work focuses on women’s roles and influences, and how to improve their social environment within an academic and general setting. The Women in Science club provides resources to assist women's self-empowerment and to encourage achievement in science, math and engineering. We provide a community and support system for women in STEM and help them find opportunities to further their careers and goals. Donations to the Women in Science club help cover the cost of supplies, educational field trips, transportation, events, advertising and our Girls in Science and Technology (GiST) program, where we travel to elementary, middle and high schools to conduct STEM activities.

Lambda Theta Nu: Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Incorporated is the first Latina-based sorority established at CSUN. Lambda Theta Nu takes pride in our three pillars: academic excellence, community service and sisterhood. Our main priority is to give back to our community and advocate for Latinas to seek higher education. Our organization strives to create students into leaders and leaders into professionals. In spring 2024, we will co-host our annual Latina Youth Leadership Conference, where hundreds of local Latina high schoolers will be invited to attend and participate in free workshops led by us regarding academic excellence, professionalism, mental health, financial literacy and much more. Your donations will help fund our conference, honoring future Latina professionals, advocates, leaders and barrier changers in our community!

CSUN Aeronautics: CSUN Aeronautics pushes the bounds of aeronautical engineering through the design, manufacturing and testing of a system of two aircraft and ground vehicles for the SAE Aero Design Competition happening in Van Nuys. Our team of 29 senior undergraduate Engineering and Computer Science students have worked tirelessly to develop our cutting edge systems since summer 2023. Help us achieve our goal of completing our project and attending the Competition in April to bring home 1st place award!

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, CSUN chapter, is committed to changing lives in the Southern California area through STEM-oriented community programs. As role models in our communities, we aim to inspire and mold future leaders. Through the use of awareness and dismantling stigmas, we see STEM as gateway to an attainable future, free of negative socio-economic factors.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE): The Society of Women Engineers at California State University, Northridge strives to empower women to achieve their goals along their respective careers path. We are devoted to recognized them for their life changing contributions as engineers and leaders. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME): American Society of Mechanical Engineers, also known as ASME, is an engineering club that strives to create a community that improves engineering students’ soft skills, professional development and technical skills. We achieve this by welcoming all students regardless of major and hosting workshops such as resume building, LinkedIn, 3D printing and more. We also have a team of students that participate in a robotics competition hosted by the ASME organization that allows students to find themselves as an engineer and grow exponentially with hands-on experience. 

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE): CSUN ASCE is a student organization offering aspiring engineering students various networking, technical, internship and volunteer opportunities. Our active members participate in a 3-day civil-oriented competition against Southern California universities.

Matador Motorsports (Formula Society of Automotive Engineers): Matador Motorsports is the Formula SAE senior design project at California State University, Northridge. We bridge the gap between theory and practice, crafting dynamic vehicles to represent our school and partners worldwide. Our alumni's success in local and international companies highlights the impact of our program, sustained by donations and corporate partnerships. Join us in nurturing future engineers prepared for any challenge ahead.

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*All clubs and orgs listed above are eligible for the CSUN Brighter Future Challenge, where the top 3 student clubs/orgs who raise the highest number of donors to their programs through the Giving Day website on March 6-7 will be awarded with an additional donation by CSUN President, Erika Beck, through the Brighter Future Fund.

The Brighter Future Challenge
Thank you to all of the donors who contributed to this challenge! And congratulations to the top three student clubs and organizations.
Rank Prize Student Clubs and Greek Life Donors Donors
1 $2,500 Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Vehicle Fund 249
2 $1,500 Archery Club 201
3 $1,000 Badminton Club 114
4 CSUN Women's Rugby Club 100
5 CSUN Hip Hop Team 25
Beta Alpha Psi Donor Challenge
Thank you to all of the donors who contributed to this challenge! And thank you to CSUN alumnus, Harvey Bookstein, for his support of Beta Alpha Psi.
20 / 20 Donors
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